Why is organic food so much more expensive than its “regular” equivalents? How much does a farmer get for his bell pepper, and is this a good price? And is it better to buy local than to have food imported?

My journey is for you

These are just some of the countless questions that are on my mind when I do groceries. They’re on my mind, because I care about the people producing our food. We’re often in the dark: does the money we spend on food actually benefit the people behind it?

If these questions bother you too but you lack time to dive deeper into the subject, my journey is for you. I ask my questions to food industry insiders: retailers, farmers, logistics companies, workers, factories, policymakers, NGOs, and consumer organizations. With their answers, I help you buy better food.

Meanwhile, you can share what you know by commenting on episodes. Or better even: become part of my journey and join me when I interview the next industry insider.

Helping you buy better food

Over time I’ll help you answer some of today’s most pressing questions about the social impact of our food. From my conversations with industry insiders, I’ll distill actionable insights that help you buy better food. Rather than telling you what to buy or not, I’m inviting you to uncover the industry with me and learn how we can buy better food.

Will you join my journey?

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