Always wanted to be a journalist for a day? Or simply have a burning question that you believe needs to be answered? I’m looking for enthusiasts eager to come on the journey with me. Your role: interviewing a food industry insider alongside me!

How it works

Let me know why you want to come along by filling out the form below. Expect me to follow up within two days. Once the interview with the next industry insider has been set up, I will contact you about the details of our trip. We’ll arrange for a time and place to meet in the morning, and off we go. Please do let me know if you know someone whom we should interview or a story that we should dive into.

Come along on my mission

My mission is to do justice to the people behind our food and help other European consumers do the same. Come along, and help me create awareness among European consumers about the impact of our food purchases, and provide consumers with actionable insights that help them buy better food.

Crowdfund your trip

Joining me for a day costs €100. Don’t have this money sitting in your bank account? No worries! You can still join… by crowdfunding among your family and friends! In fact, this will even create a spillover effect:  by telling them about our trip you get people to talk about the impact of their food right away.

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