is registered as a foundation (stichting) in the Netherlands. In addition to Maurice van der Spek acting as president, the foundation’s board consists of KlaasJan Baas and Natan Borgdorff.

KlaasJan Baas – treasurer

In his 40s, KlaasJan Baas is the senior of the board. Having graduated with a degree in History from Erasmus University in Rotterdam, for more than 20 years KlaasJan worked both as a journalist and as a project manager at a Christian Broadcaster (EO) in Hilversum, the Netherlands. A maker of radio and TV programs at first, he later specialized in web-based communities and social media.

Driven by faith, KlaasJan’s career tells the little sparkles of God’s coming Kingdom. He is, however, equally interested in the stories of people who don’t experience God’s love at all. Bearing all this in mind, Maurice’s idea to start a platform seeking to address the social injustices in the food supply chain triggered his curiosity. A senior journalist, KlaasJan hopes his journalistic experience will help make the platform succeed. KlaasJan is married with four children.

Natan Borgdorff – secretary

In everyday life, Natan Borgdorff is a teacher. Having taught history and religious studies to teenagers for a significant number of years, Natan currently teaches Dutch to 12-18-year-olds that immigrated to the Netherlands.

In 2015, Natan got involved with the refugee crisis as he visited the Calais refugee camp with his wife, who had previously volunteered on Lesvos, Greece to help boat refugees. Concerned with the safety and well-being of unaccompanied minor refugees in particular, Natan and his wife started a foundation by the name of Arrahi. With their children, they live in a small community that is centered around a farm and aims to connect people in the neighborhood.

In Natan’s Christian beliefs, social justice plays a major part. He is passionate about Maurice’s journey as it seeks to disclose the real picture of what’s going on in our supply chain. Natan hopes Maurice’s work will bring all those involved one step closer to a healthy, just production process.