My mission is to do justice to the people and planet in our supply chains and help other European consumers do the same. I want to execute my mission, as a journalist.

However, journalism’s traditional business model has ceased to exist. Not long ago, media organizations earned revenues through sales and advertising. Advertisement revenues have shifted to Google and along with digitalization, newspaper subscriptions decline year after year: readers go online. In the digital world, however, we’ve become accustomed to free content. While the makers of that content, see their salaries evaporate. As a young and starting journalist, there is hardly a way for me to earn a proper living in journalism.

I don’t think this is the way it should be. If, as a society, we consider journalism the watchdog of our democracy, we should be willing to sustain it. We should be willing to ensure that journalists need not worry about their income and can focus on their work instead.

I also believe that the laborer deserves his wages. I believe that I have value and that my work has value. Sadly, fees currently paid in journalism don’t reflect this value. Therefore, I am looking for supporters. With the help of (monthly) donations, I could pursue my mission on a full-time basis in the long term.

Until I get there, I am also available as a content creator for purpose-driven organizations. To guarantee my editorial independence in the field of food, I only work for companies outside the food industry. My board, which has no financial interests in, oversees this policy.