The world I strive for

I see a world in which the people who work for our consumption are treated with dignity, receive a fair wage in return for their labor, and perform their work under favorable conditions. As a result, workers grow their potential and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

I also see a world in which the natural resources exploited for our consumption are treated with respect. Nature is given back to more than it was taken from and is preserved in a way that reinforces natural ecosystems. As a result, humanity enjoys its rich blessings for many generations to come.

How I want to get there

In this light, my mission is to do justice to the people and planet in our supply chains and help other European consumers do the same.

I want to achieve my mission by means of my journalistic work. I believe that as a consumer, my lifestyle is not the only, but certainly a substantial contributor to supply chain justice. I am part of a system and cannot live outside of it. Within the system, I believe I can exert influence by the way I live, i.e. through my purchases.

Meanwhile, however, I am in the dark about the social and environmental impact of my purchases. By means of interviewing food industry insiders, researching supply chains, and publishing my learnings, I want to achieve the following.

On the side of consumers:

  • Convince European consumers that justice can’t wait for the people and planet in our supply chains;
  • Acquire actionable insights that help my followers live a lifestyle favoring supply chain justice.

On the side of the system:

  • Expose supply chain injustice;
  • Influence decision makers to change the system in favor of the people and planet in our supply chains.

Finally, a secondary goal is to earn an income and sustain my family. Since my journey into the European food industry doesn’t earn me an income yet, I am looking for supporters. With the help of (monthly) donations, I could pursue my mission on a fulltime basis in the long term. Until I get there, I am also available as a content creator for purpose-driven organizations.